Monday, 20 June 2011

Father's Day

Yesterday was Father's Day. We celebrated with home-made cards;

presents in bed-this year mostly garden-themed;

with LOTS of chocolate;

We spent a happy afternoon walking by the river at Bolton Abbey

and finished the day off with cake...

Happy Father's Day to a wonderful dad and husband X

Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Summer is here, and I have done my back in! So instead of the outside jobs I had planned for such a day, it's been a day of resting in the sun, painkillers and ice-packs. Still-it's been a good opportunity to get on with some reading and knitting...
( I'm slightly embarrassed to confess to my present reading material-New Moon, but I read Twilight and am now hooked, so, moving swiftly along...)

I managed to get quite a few rows of this done. It's a surprise for a lovely friend whose first baby is due late July-it's calle Elvin lace baby blanket and I hope I can get it finished in time.

Monday, 13 June 2011


My daily dog-walk/run (depending on how energetic I'm feeling) Takes me past this field. This morning it took my breath away-a sea of ox eye daisies.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Time flies

A week and a half is not a long time, but we've managed to pack a lot into ours, and tomorrow the littlest of my 3 babies goes off to school again, leaving me at home... and missing them. We have had a good time though, nice to look back on the memories...
We clambered at Brimham Rocks,
Pic-nicked by the river,
cooked breakfast in the great outdoors,
got soaked,
sustained minor injuries,
and celebrated a birthday with... rainbow cake!

Now roll on the summer-hols!

Yee hah

Test number 2 in white font

Silly computers

Why do they only work when my Husband does anything on them?