Monday, 21 May 2012

Wool eater blanket

I have to admit it- I am a yarn-addict.i can't go past a yarn shop without going in, and I can't go in without buying something.Yarn to me is like shoes to many other women.
The problem is-I can't knit fast enough to use it all up. The result is this;
a huge stash taking up room in the garage(this photo is only the tip of the iceberg).
The I other week I was perusing Ravelry and found this;

I thought this might be a good way of using up all that stash in the garage, so last night I sat down crochet hook in hand and a selection of needing-to-be-used-up stash.well -after a couple of hours of crocheting a few rows then ripping out- this is the result;
maybe this blanket will be one of my " long-term " projects -watch this space!