Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Summer 2011

Well, summer is almost over-Charlotte went back to school today and Kirsty and Cammeron start tomorrow.Am feeling a little wistful and sad-summers seem to be slipping away faster and faster as the years go by. Today was a truly horrible windy, rainy day and it made me feel that we'd skipped right past Autumn and straight into the depths of winter. I have been looking over the photos of our holiday and summer and decided to post them on here to cheer up this dark, cold day.

France's own version of the Red arrows on our first evening

Rock-pooling on the pink granite coast

Enjoying Croque Madame in the Harbour Bar

Amazing rock formations


...and a little yarn-therapy on the beach!


  1. What lovely photos, so perfectly summery. Do you live in Brittany, or was it a holiday?
    Our holiday home is further along the coast, on the other side of Roscoff.
    Thanks for following my blog. I will follow yours:-)

  2. Hello, thanks for finding my blog. I have campervan envy, it's so cheerful looking. Your knitting is beautiful. I've tried but don't seem to have the knack!